The Year of the Boyfriend

Bizarro/absurdist author G. Arthur Brown, who is also the editor of Bizarro Central’s Flash Fiction Friday, asked for volunteers to participate in a little game of random title generation. So I raised my hand. He sent me this title:

The Year of the Boyfriend

The story I wrote for him, which is published on his blog, “The Strange Edge,” begins thusly:

Down by Chocolate River the pixie fish searched for humans. They dug their fins in the orange mud and wiggled them, hoping to find the meaty ones.

“How old are you?” Pryznda asked Jivvryi.

“Fourteen Zhcitharii,” Jivvryi said as he picked his teeth and wiggled his fin. “How bout you?”

It’s a cute little ditty, if I say so myself. I encourage you to read it. It will take you just a minute, maybe two if you stumble over the pixie fish names. But I think you’ll come away highly enlightened and a much better person.

Read “The Year of the Boyfriend” now.

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