Besides writing and publishing my own books, I sell rare and collectible books at my Amazon bookstore.

Here’s a selection of my own e-books and where to find them:

social satire saddest taleThe Saddest Tale Ever Told is social satire at its finest. A post-acocalpytic short story, you’ll get a glimpse into the lives of the mutant residents of St. Pelaski, Sindiana. Beautiful prose! (If I say so myself). At Amazon.

Rumsfeld's Sandbox blood splatter Kindle e-book coverRumsfeld’s Sandbox is my full-length collection of Iraq War poems. Not all of the poems are about the war, and many have been published online and in print, but I borrow from a variety of poetic styles and traditions to give a gritty and personal look at my own view of the war (and other topics too). Available at Amazon.

Going Dutch poetry chapbookGoing Dutch is a chapbook of poems along with photos of a trip my wife and took to Germany in 2005 while on R&R from the Iraq War. It’s available at Amazon.

I Like War Kindle bookI Like War is a chapbook of provocative poems about the Iraq War and which were written during the war or immediately following. Also available at Amazon.

Twitter poemsTwitter Poems is a collection of 30 poems that were first published on Twitter. Each poem is 140 characters or less. Witting, fun, and enticing. Available at Amazon.

Twitpoem poetry chapbookTwitpoems consists of 30 poems first published on Twitter. At Amazon and Smashwords.

Dinkle Dorkle and Other Nut Cases poetry chapbookDinkle Dorkle And Other Nut Cases is another Twitter poem chapbook full of witty and wacky poems of 140 characters or less. Get it at Amazon or Smashwords.