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Rumsfeld’s Sandbox’s Rise To No. 5

My birthday fell this year two days before Memorial Day. My Facebook wall was bombarded by birthday wishes from people I hadn’t heard from in a long time as well as Facebook friends I’ve never met. I decided to reward those well-wishers with a free gift. Many of them took me up on my offer….

Free Poetry Book – Today

If you got a chance to vote on the cover you like best for my Iraq War poetry book, “Rumsfeld’s Sandbox,” I appreciate it. If you haven’t voted yet, please take the time to make your opinion known. Meanwhile, the book is free all day Saturday, April 12, 2013. If you don’t own a Kindle,…

John Skipp Fans: Art Is The Devil

What costs 99 cents, features Charlie Sheen’s mug in vicious color, and is climbing fast in the Amazon rankings? John Skipp’s new short story “Art Is The Devil.” Skipp is a legend in the Splatterpunk genre. If you’ve read any of his previous stories – shorts or novels – then you are familiar with his…