Author Services

services for authors and writersAre you an author who self-publishes? Are you a writer who wants to self-publish but don’t know where to start? I can help you.

I like to work with authors in the dark fantasy, horror and science fiction genres, but I can work with writers in any genre of fiction. I also work with poets.

I can also work with you if you are a nonfiction writer. I have actually worked with a nonfiction author to convert his book into the Kindle and ePub formats. I can work with you too. For references, contact me.

Why Self-Published Authors Need Editors And Proofreaders

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a self-published book from an indie author only to find typos, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and even storytelling issues (plot holes, character development issues, etc.). I can help you with those.

If you plan to send your work to an agent or a publisher, you’ll still need to have a second set of eyes to take a look at your work. You’ll stand a much better chance of getting published if you present a well-polished manuscript.

I Offer These Services For Writers

author and writer services

  • Proofreading – I’ll read through your manuscript and catch all your spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and other proofreading bugaboos.
  • Editing – With this service, I’ll examine your devices and suggest ways to improve your storytelling. For poets, I’ll make suggested changes to line breaks, presentation, and other poetic elements while being mindful of your personal style. For nonfiction authors, I’ll check to make sure your prose has a logical flow, is organized well, and meets the high standards you deserve.
  • E-book conversion – If you have a print book you want to convert to digital or you want to self-publish a book as an e-book and don’t have the time, or you just don’t want to do the work yourself, I can convert your books to Kindle and ePub.
  • Account setup – You’ll need to set up accounts at Amazon KDP and Smashwords to get your e-books distributed. You should also set up an Author Central account so you can claim your e-books at Amazon and track their sales. I can help set these up for you.
  • Press releases – Need a press release to promote your book? I’ll write your press release. As a former newspaper editor, I know what it takes to get your press release noticed.
  • Blog tour management – I can help you find blogs that you can tour. A blog tour is a marketing campaign strategy that authors can utilize to write guest posts for niche blogs with a similar readership that you’re targeting. I’ll find appropriate blogs for your message, contact the owners, and set up the tour for you. I’ll even write the blog posts if you want me to, though as a writer I’m sure you’re capable of handling that yourself.
  • Digital agency – This is a full service that involves some or all of the above services. In essence, I am your online agent and represent you to readers, publishers, etc. I’ll help you get your book out there. For this service, I work on a commission basis and, like traditional agents, I make a decision on whether I want to represent you or not based on your book proposal. Contact me for details.
  • Website design – Need a website? I can help you set up an author website.
  • Ghostwriting – Whether you need someone to write your blog or your book, I can ghostwrite your project from beginning to end. That includes an outline and conducting research, if necessary.
  • Other services – Need a query letter? I can write one. Need a coach or consultant to walk you through the steps of self-publishing? I can be your coach. Want something specific that I haven’t mentioned? Hit me up. I’m sure I can handle it.