Firmly rooted where you stand,
Like a rock embedded, planted in your shoes –
Too far away to make a friend-
Stuck ‘tween some ill-begotten rues;
I know you need and long for love
And yearn to feel at home
Amid other trees in threes or twos,
Yet you stand naked and all alone.

Your trunk is wide, fabulous, grand!
Rises upward and out into venues
Unknown, round and solid as a wedding band.
Thick and large you’ve paid your dues,
Hurdled your fears, made the news,
Buried the years like a dog his bone.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be amused
And not stand naked, all alone?

Branch out; be daring, brave and
Bold, leaping and bounding, looking for clues
On how to live. Be the tree who stood and fanned
His neighbors and the reputation of whose
Service-filled limbs to the others drew
Close. Do not be like the hardened stone
Failing at love, broken, confused:
He, too, is naked and all alone.

You and I may stay together should we choose
And show the world how we’ve grown;
After all, we’ve nothing to lose
Except to be naked and all alone.